HOM(AIR) Raffle tickets 15 EUR/USD ticket

  • *100 Tickets
  • *You can buy max 5 Tickets
  • *ship worldwide
  • *Live raffle will be announced 29.02.2024
  • after payment you receive your numbers on email (1-100)

The upper is made of high-quality Italian leather with a subtle shine. In addition to leather, there are elements of carpet that imitate a hedge. Embroidery can be found on the tongues, including one of the most iconic Homer memes hiding in the hedge, and a swoosh that penetrates through the hedge.

On the inner side of the shoe, I decided to create eyelets in the leather to form the shape of a swoosh, which is a distinctive feature of the Stan Smiths. The same applies to the embossed golden inscriptions in the leather. One of them is placed on the inner side of the tongue, while the other is on the heel. All eyelets for the laces are framed with white metal eyelets. The lining is made of delicate, soft sheepskin. The leather insole features graphics specially prepared for this edition.

The classic look of the Stan Smith is broken by an abstract green stripe that runs across the mudguard and toebox, imitating as if the hedge is peeking through from underneath, along with a mini swoosh.

Set includes

Sneakers*cedar shoe trees*special box*tagged bags for shoes*stickers with your pair on them*special certificate*warranty 

size 9.5 possible change to: 10us,9 us.