About bespokes

Aesthetics, durability and comfort obtained thanks to precision, high-quality materials, leather and vision of a designer. Every bespoke is created by two people- me and You. It’s you who set the direction of work and construct visions on your own unique Kicks.

How it works

When you decided to use my service ill start with background check ( yours ideas about design, materials, colors, details). If you don’t have any idea how your shoes should looks just tell me more about yourself and I am sure that we find solution too. After backgroud check ill start with sketches. This process is ended after you accept finally project.

Set includes

Sneakers* Cedar shoe trees* Special box* Tagged bags for shoes* Your sneakers design poster with frame* Movies with process and profesional photos* Stickers with your pair on them* Special certificate

Price from 1300 EUR for all.
Order is confirmed after payment.